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Larger Identity, Lasting Legacy

--> Build a larger identity of yourself by helping others & contributing to the world

--> Become a remarkable thought leader & leave a lasting legacy behind you

Here's What...

Our identity is made up of who we are. As members of society, we all have an identity based on culture, religion, community and family background. It may be shaped by the roles we play in life, such as a leader, a follower, a parent, or a friend. As individuals, our identities are reflected by our physical and personal traits, by what we believe, and by how we feel about ourselves or about others.

You might be a school teacher, a counselor, a college professor, a therapist, a consultant, an attorney... or any other well-trained professional. You have highly valuable knowledge and expertise in a specific field. However, your contribution and power is limited, you are not feeling fulfilled, and you are not highly respected and not valued as you deserve.

Creating your own online program can change your situation in a big way! You can do so much more and help create a better world by reaching out to help so many more people. You will find a larger identity of yourself, feeling fulfilled, leaving a lasting legacy behind you that is far beyond your lifetime, with people remembering you as a true leader.

Greater Impact, No Boundaries

--> Make a greater impact to the world by reaching out to a much larger audience online

--> Find your new path in teaching & coaching with no physical boundaries

Here's Why...

You want to make an impact. You want to make a difference to the world. You have a big heart and hope to help others grow and develop their life skills. But despite the important work (and often overtime) you are doing, you are not able to reach many people; you are not respected, rewarded or paid what you deserve.

The online world has no boundaries, and no physical limitation. You can reach so many more people than you could ever imagine.

Your stories will be shared with people all around the world. The knowledge and experience that you have gained through many years of hard work will benefit a much bigger audience. Your program will positively influence and inspire so many more souls. You will leave a lasting legacy that is far beyond your lifetime.

Start teaching or coaching online now!

More Income, Better Life!

--> Earn the wonderful income you deserve & have more freedom to explore what you love to do

--> Create an enjoyable future for yourself & your beloved ones, and live a life to the fullest

Here's How...

You have struggled in the past years. You don't have enough time to rest. You cannot earn a decent income to support your family - and even if you have been paid well, you sacrifice your time and energy and can't enjoy your personal or family life. You are stressed at work to a point where you are forced to consider pursuing a different path to make your life more sustainable.

The good news is, the world is changing! Don't you see the huge waves of online education that are rushing to us? Don't you see that it's possible now for you to have a GREAT opportunity to make a big difference and have a much better life?

Make the decision to learn from TO123 now! Looking back in a few years, you will find this to be one of the best decisions in your whole life!

Creating an online program that will bring you the DREAM LIFE you desire and deserve!

Dr. Echo Hensley

Benefit from my 30+ years of teaching and 15+ years of experience building online courses!

Learn More!

In 2007, I completed my Ph.D. at UVA and landed my first collegiate professor job in Hong Kong. While teaching face-to-face classes, I was also invited to teach Master's degree classes for a college here in the USA teaching online (through distance learning).

Since then, I have been regularly creating and teaching online classes.

While I was a professor at Murray State University, most of my classes were for Master degrees or Certificate courses catered for in-service teachers. I taught first on Blackboard and then Canvas as teaching platforms. Through purposeful learning in the past years, I have grown to be an expert in online teaching.

My online courses consistently received high evaluations from students, and were considered to be easy to understand and digest through virtual learning. I was invited to present to my colleagues and shared with them how to make their own online courses more dynamic and engaging.

Since 2019, with all this valuable learning and teaching experience, I have designed an ideal program for educators and other professionals like you. Not only will you have a clear vision on how to choose topics and create a great online program that will be sought after, you will also learn all the techniques AND the unknown secrets in order to build a successful, thriving online business!

Although there are hundreds of programs out there online about creating online businesses, they are not specifically suitable to you as a well-trained professional. My TO123 program, instead, is purposefully, strategically, and meaningfully designed for you - an educator, a coach, a consultant... or anyone who wants to create an online program to help more people anywhere in the world.

I cover issues such as how to set up the easiest sales funnel, how to use technology the most efficient and affordable way, and how to sell without pushing hard... In short, you will learn step by step how to share your expertise and talent with the world without much of the burden from the technical and marketing perspectives.

Coming from a different culture as well as learning and teaching in many different places, I have learned from so many great people in my life. I cannot wait to share with you what I have learned and what I have to offer. I promise that you will learn far more from me with a specific focus than you can learn from any other online programs that are targeting the general audience.

You will find that my TO123 program offers you a unique route built on 30+ years of teaching and research and 15+ years of online experience.

I look forward to sharing it all with you!

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Interviews with 21 Nobel Laureates

In the past years, I interviewed 21 Nobel Laureates. I sought the "behind the scenes" factors that influenced them growing up and helped them become super successful in their career.

I'm currently writing a book "Life Experience & Parenting Influence of Nobel Laureates". I look forward to sharing my findings with you!

Working with Renowned Scholars

Howard Garner, Ph.D.

Distinguished Hobbs Professor of Education at Harvard University

Robert Sternberg, Ph.D.

Prestigious Psychologist, Professor, Author & Speaker

Francis Gagne, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Scholar in Gifted Edu in Canada

Jiannong Shi, Ph.D.

Distinguished Senior Researcher, Chinese Academy of Science

Dr. Carol Tomlinson, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor at UVA, Author & Mentor

Carolyn Callahan, Ph.D.

Distinguished Scholar in Gifted Education at UVA

Miraca U.M. Gross, Ph.D.

Distinguished Australian Scholar & Mentor

Bulent Atalay, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor, Artist & Mentor

Find out more about my work with these accomplished professors here:

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See what my students/clients have to say about me...

I have always thought about teaching online, but I needed the confidence in myself and a trustworthy person to learn from. I have found both from Dr. Echo. She has a deep knowledge of online courses and has solidified my desire to put a course together."


Valerie Hendley

Founder of Pathos, Inc

I have learned so much from Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 program. She provides step by step instruction with valuable and detailed information. Beyond that, she is an inspirational coach and role model who encourages and motivates her students with a big heart."


Rosa Wan

Founder of Finance Online 123

Gave Me Concrete Ideas

Echo helped me understand how I could take my years of teaching and turn them into a business I can run myself. She gave me concrete ideas about how to make this happen. She also helped me clarify and refine a business idea. Echo's information helped me understand what to do next, and her encouragement helped me believe I can do it. Thank you, Dr. Echo!"

Amy S., Ph.D.

Educator & Business Owner

Helpful & Well Organized

Prior to taking this class, the concepts were difficult and overwhelming. Dr. Echo's course is very helpful and well organized. Her content, and her use of differentiation in our class, helped break down the concepts into manageable parts. Working through the modules made each step make more sense."

Lauren M.


Dr. Echo is not just a knowledgeable and experienced professor, she is also a wonderful scholar who is dedicated to make a big impact on students’ learning and outcomes. If you are looking for a great online teaching experience, I highly recommend Dr. Echo. Trust me, she is terrific!"


Yuchen Liu

Ph.D. Candidate, Iowa

Dr. Echo Hensley provides invaluable expertise and encouragement as well as sharing many helpful resources. She communicates that she really cares about my work and that she is personally invested as a partner in my success. I would say that she really goes the extra mile."


Jeanne Paynter, Ph.D.

Founder of Educating Innovators, Maryland

Think Outside the Box

The TO123 Course was very intellectually stimulating and taught me how to continually reflect on best practices and how to strengthen my teaching and the delivery of my instruction. I need to think outside the box to differentiate lessons for all learners."

Winnie C.


Outstanding Job

There is NO way to improve this class. Everything was well planned and there is no "surprise" assignments. Dr. Echo did an outstanding job teaching this course and made it very interesting. I have learned things I will use for many years in my classroom!"

Michael L.


Dr. Echo is one of the most trustworthy & authentic persons I have ever known. Her positive attitude, generosity and thoughtfulness has earned love and respect from everyone. I have been tutoring for many years, and Echo’s amazing TO123 program has inspired me so much. I’m following her steps and pursuing my own dreams in teaching online."


Sophia Zhou

Founder of Xiuhua Tutoring, China

I had been struggling with low income and didn't see how I could make a change. I have many interests and ideas, such as painting and furniture design, but I didn't really know what niche I should focus on, and what course I could sell online. It was eye-opening to know from Dr. Echo that I can teach online from home, work less hours, and start selling my own art course in a short period of time."


Heather Wise

Art Teacher, Georgia

Practices What She Preaches

The course begins with helping you see the actual student and teacher benefit to differentiation and all along the way helps you implement ideas. I love that [Dr. Echo] practices what she preaches and gives us differentiated assignments.

Nancy N.


Excellent Teaching

Thank you for your enthusiasm, organization, and timeliness in grading! This course has made the most impact on me and help me rethink the way I teach. I truly appreciate all you do before and throughout the course.

Emily B.


While coaching at Teaching Online 123, Echo has brought her high level of organization, clear conveyance of information and passionate dedication to her students. Working with Echo has always been a joy. Learning from her is highly satisfying and productive. I am confident that Dr. Echo will contribute further to the field of education."


Razel Solow, Ph.D.

Professor & Curator in NY

Before getting to know Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 course, I was overwhelmed with my teaching job. It's amazing to see that Teaching Online 123 offers unique insights to educators like me, and touches upon all elements of online teaching & selling."


Limin Dove

Language Teacher in Chicago

Wonderful Class

Thank you for all of your time. It has been a wonderful course and I appreciate all your effort in teaching and showing us the clear picture of what we can do in helping our students achieve in classroom and in their daily life.

Marisa B.


Enjoyed the Class a Great Deal

I enjoyed this class a great deal & feel so much more knowledgeable in teaching. It has made me excited to return to my classroom and start putting some of this knowledge and strategies into action!!

Shannon H.


How It Works

An overview of our Teaching Accelerator Lead Gen process:

step 1

Step 1

We will design and create Powerful Offer Ads based on the offers you allow us to use. For example, "Book now for a FREE class".

step 2

Step 2

We will design an attractive Landing Page with a class booking calendar to make it simple for leads to book with you. People who click on your ad will be led to your landing page.

step 3

Step 3

We will setup your Paid Ads to be shown specifically to your target audience. We recommend a minimum budget of $33/day for consistent leads.

step 4

Step 4

Your leads will either book classes directly on your Landing Page or you will give them a phone call after they submit the Lead Form. Now all you need to do is close the sale!

What My Clients Say...

Valerie Hendley

Founder of Pathos, Inc

I have always thought about teaching online, but I needed the confidence in myself and a trustworthy person to learn from. I have found both from Dr. Echo. She has a deep knowledge of online courses and has solidify my desire to put a course together."

Limin Dove

Language Teacher in Chicago

Before getting to know Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 course, I was overwhelmed with my teaching job. It's amazing to see that Teaching Online 123 offers unique insights to educators like me, and touches upon all elements of online teaching & selling."

What My Clients Say...

Check out what my clients have to say about the TO123 Course.

I have always thought about teaching online, but I needed the confidence in myself and a trustworthy person to learn from. I have found both from Dr. Echo. She has a deep knowledge of online courses and has solidify my desire to put a course together."


Valerie Hendley

Founder of Pathos, Inc

Before getting to know Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 course, I was overwhelmed with my teaching job. It's amazing to see that Teaching Online 123 offers unique insights to educators like me, and touches upon all elements of online teaching & selling."


Limin Dove

Language Teacher in Chicago

What My Clients Say...

Check out what my clients have to say about the TO123 Course.

I have always thought about teaching online, but I needed the confidence in myself and a trustworthy person to learn from. I have found both from Dr. Echo. She has a deep knowledge of online courses and has solidify my desire to put a course together."


Valerie Hendley

Founder of Pathos, Inc

Before getting to know Dr. Echo's Teaching Online 123 course, I was overwhelmed with my teaching job. It's amazing to see that Teaching Online 123 offers unique insights to educators like me, and touches upon all elements of online teaching & selling."


Limin Dove

Language Teacher in Chicago

More about me...

Yuchen Liu was my Graduate Assistant at Murray State University. She's now a Ph.D. student at the University of Iowa.

Yuchen Liu

Ph.D. Candidate

Cathy Lyles was one of my graduate students at Murray State University and is an Art Teacher from Western Kentucky.

Cathy Lyles

Art Teacher

From Professors

I have been very blessed to learn from some of the very best minds in the field of teaching throughout my educational journey. I have also worked with numerous amazing scholars from around the world.

Enthusiastic, Determined, and Creative

Echo came to the US with a dream of an education that could pave the way for her to make a significant contribution to the education of learners with high ability and high potential.

She believes that shaping the future of the young generation in positive ways will shape the future of the world in positive ways.

I watched Echo work her way past numerous obstacles - always with optimism, good humor, and determination that taught me daily about the human spirit.

She published five journal articles in a two-year span, and as a result, she was granted the rare opportunity by her Ph.D. committee to work on a Manuscript Style Dissertation, which was the 2nd in the history of Curry School of Education at UVA.

Echo's intellectual enthusiasm, high level of motivation, consistent work ethic, positive personality, persistent pursuit of quality, and creativity are all predictors of her continued success."

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Ph.D.

Distinguished professor at UVA, Author & Speaker

Dr. Carol Tomlinson is a renown scholar and was my Ph.D. Supervisor at Curry School of Education at UVA. She is the William Clay Parrish Jr. Chair and Professor who specializes in educational leadership and differentiated instruction. See one of her guest blogs regarding differentiation.

Motivated, Genuine, Outstanding Work Ethic

Echo is extremely hardworking; she has not only a profound work ethic but also in addition, a quality which is hard to define but which I came to think of as a deep respect for the processes of learning which colors all her engagement with learning and teaching.

She is very highly motivated. She has demonstrated outstanding ability in conducting research and contributing to the field by publishing in prestigious peer-reviewed journals, even while caring for her two young children.

She is, indeed, a true scholar and she was recognized as such when she was in Sydney, with respect, admiration, and genuine affection. She stood out as outstanding even in a group of outstanding people.

Echo’s passion for teaching and learning is accompanied by a genuine warmth towards and interest in other people.

I am certain that she will continue to contribute to the field tremendously with unusual promise. I have no hesitation recommending her in the highest possible terms."

Miraca U.M. Gross, Ph.D.

Distinguished Australian Author & Scholar

I have known Dr. Miraca Gross since pursuing my master's of education at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Gross served as the Director of the Gifted Education Research Resource and a Professor of Gifted Education in the school of education at UNSW, Sydney. She was considered a leading authority in the study of gifted & talented students, and focuses on the academic, social, and emotional needs of students. Dr. Gross was honored by Queen Elizabeth II with the Order of Australia, the nation's highest recognition for achievement and service.

Diligent, Productive, Insightful

During her graduate study, Echo was one of the most diligent and capable graduate students. She completed all the 20 courses within two years, obtained excellent grades in each course, and also shared her insights and experiences from her unique cultural background and perspective with the scholars and students at UVA. It seemed to me that the notion of hard work and determination was embedded in Echo.

In addition to her achievement as a student and her excellent performance as a Research Assistant, Echo demonstrated herself as a productive and competent researcher. She impressed me and other professors and students by publishing her research work in several referred journals during her doctoral study, which in itself is a painstaking and time-consuming process.

Echo also obtained rich experiences in the web-based course delivery and communication with teachers and students through online distance learning, which is increasingly important and critical in teaching in the 21st century.

Echo is an excellent researcher and writer. Her studies and academic accomplishments reflect her important position as an academic link between the West and the East by linking theories and practices."

**Photo credit: UVa Today

Carolyn M. Callahan, Ph.D.

Distinguished Educator and Scholar

I have known Dr. Carolyn since starting my Ph.D. program at UVa. Her Ph.D. is in educational psychology with an emphasis in gifted education, and she founded several programs for gifted students. She is also the site director of UVa NRC/GT. She has been heavily published in the areas of programming and evaluation and has earned many awards.

Impressive, Accomplished, Pursues Perfection

It is my great pleasure to provide the highest possible recommendation in support of Dr. Echo Wu [Hensley].

Dr. Wu [Hensley] impressed me with her remarkable academic knowledge and experience in the area of gifted education. She possesses a positive attitude toward learning and teaching, and has broad connections with scholars and teachers around the world. Her confidence and articulation using English, a second language for her, blends with her splendid sense of humor.

It is clear to me that Dr. Wu [Hensley] is exceptionally competent and a brilliant asset. She is an extraordinary educator and individual, not only because of her strong academic background in gifted education and social-emotional development of children, but also because of her unique passion and perfectionism in doing the job. Her excellent communication skills with the students and other teachers, and the love and warmth that she gives to the students are noticeably returned to her with mutual respect and appreciation by all.

Dr. Wu's industrious work ethic and enthusiasm in teaching has earned her respect and recognition from our students, parents, teachers, and the principal.

Dr. Wu [Hensley] is a rare individual who possesses the knowledge and skills found in the most capable and experienced teachers. She also has high standards and is a perfectionist with regard for her teaching. Beyond that, she brought interesting cultural aspects into our education community. It has been a wonderful benefit for our school and the community to have Dr. Wu, a Chinese scholar, teaching our children.

In sum, Dr. Wu has established herself as an outstanding teacher in gifted education. She is a very positive, joyful, and energetic person who is absolutely a pleasure to work with."

**Photo credit: Oced Foundation VA

Carol Hunter, Ph.D.

Gifted Coordinator & Experienced Educator

I have known Carol Hunter since working with her in the gifted program at Orange County schools. She has been in the education community for 40 years and works on improving resources for gifted students, teachers, and parents.

Inspiring, Passionate, Devoted to Education

Growing up in a remote district in northwestern China, Dr. Wu [Hensley] has led a tremendously inspiring life, making her way to study in Beijing, Hong Kong, Australia, and then in the US as a Ph.D. student at the University of Virginia (UVa).

She has since the very beginning set high goals to achieve and has been following through those goals with passion, devotion, and perseverance. Dr. Wu [Hensley] is among the international scholars who have been doing their best to contribute to this important aspect in education.

It seems to me that Dr. Wu's research has drawn an extremely exciting idea that, as educators, we should adopt a two-prong approach in gifted education by simultaneously supporting and fostering giftedness and talent of the small portion of the population (commonly believed as 2%), and the vast majority of children who also need to be supported from every aspect to succeed in the future.

Dr. Wu's findings have had a great impact on the conceptions of giftedness in the area, and have significantly broadened the traditional scope of gifted education, especially from the Western perspective.

As a Chinese scholar, I appreciate very much Dr. Wu's ability in writing and publishing in English (and in Chinese of course), and I truly respect her contribution to the area by informing the world about Chinese cultural perspectives regarding gifted education, and about what Chinese parents and educators are doing for the next generation.

Dr. Wu has been one of the very few scholars who are familiar with both Eastern and Western cultures, and who attend the annual conferences to communicate and advocate Chinese research with international scholars. She has already demonstrated exceptional originality and insight in the field of gifted education in the international setting.

Dr. Echo Wu is an outstanding researcher who has unique knowledge and skills and extraordinary abilities in the study of gifted education. She has made innovative and original contributions to the field of educational studies, published in international referred journals, and won scholastic awards for accomplishments."

**Photo credit:

Jiannong Shi, Ph.D.

Educator, Author & Researcher

Professor Jiannong Shi is a distinguished psychologist at the top research center for gifted education in China. He was a visiting scholar at Yale, University of Munich, University of Adelaide, and several other prestigious universities across the world. Professor Shi has written several books and served on many committees in the area of gifted & talented education.

Echo is an outstanding educator & researcher. Her dedication and perseverance has produced among the finest documented evidence of the sources of success of Nobel prize winners. I am so excited to see how much more impact she is making to the society and to the world as she thrives in online teaching and coaching."


Farhana Loonat, Ph.D.

Professor & TED Speaker, California

The case studies described in [Dr. Echo's] book can be perceived as individual stories, unique examples, or interesting detailed life stories. They are rich, carefully structured bricks for further research, a collection of facts that might serve as a basis for more general, insightful conclusions about the art of raising gifted children."


Taisir Yamin, Ph.D.

Scholar & Leader, Germany

I am so impressed with Echo’s intelligence, insight & enthusiasm in education, and her cross-cultural experience. She is of great value to the education in our society, and I have no doubt that she will continue her outstanding contribution to the United State and indeed to the world."


Bulent Atalay, Ph.D.

Eminent Scholar, Mary Washington

I have no doubt that Echo is the most dedicated and dependable individual & scholar I have ever met in my life. I admire her broad knowledge, rich experience and substantial ability in teaching and mentoring. She has my highest respect and recommendation in what she does - helping other educators and professionals succeed in their online career.”


Joanna Jin, Ph.D.

College Professor & Author, China

I've worked in business industry for many year. Since I got to know Echo, I have been deeply impressed by her determination and perseverance in pursuing her dreams. She is truly a person of honesty and integrity. She is a devoted and warm-hearted scholar that you can certainly trust and respect."


Yang He

Business Owner, Shanghai, China

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